Scan to login!


Secure through your Identity
Browser independent – no plugins needed
Just scan to login…


Just scan to login. ​

The easiest and fastest login for your customers. With no passwords.

Without typing or clicking, without browser extensions.
2 Factor Secure - by design.


Scan to login - without typing: No passwords, no user names.​

Our authentication service eliminates the cumbersome administration of passwords. They are instantly available to you for scan 2 login.


2-Factor-Secure by design and through your Identity

The confidentiality and integrity of your data and information is protected. Only an identity determination via a secure 2FA route allows access to your data.


Seamless integration
into your environment

Highly efficient integration of our technology for all access/login services, while maintaining the highest security standards.

A completely new experience for your customers

Convenient and secure Logins
or your customers at your website.

GMV Nuntiare
If you don't want to waste time with error messages, the login must work easily and reliably. With Almefy you don't have to search for passwords, logging in works securely with 2 factor security. Fast and reliable.
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Labor Dr. Vidotto
Personal health data is a matter of trust and should be particularly protected. However, access should be easy and convenient.
With Almefy, Dr. Vidotto's laboratory combines easy access without passwords and with the security of 2-factor authentication.
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What makes us so special?​​

A Completely New Method of Authentication

No keyboard required,
scan to log in


2-factor authentication
in one Step

No browser extensions

No data
stored on smartphone

Almefy implementation?
Simply simple.

Almefy simply docks on.
Your previous login flow will not be changed.

Your developers will be happy. Simply via SDK or plugin.

Our Certificates & Assurances.

CERT-certified monitored 24×7


Hosted in Germany

AWS Cloud Hosting

Patented Technology

ISO 27001 Certified CloudService

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