Scan to login without passwords

Finally customer-friendly 2FA.

No Man-in-the-Middle, no social Engineering

or phishing anymore

Just scan to login

The easiest and fastest way to login.
A completely new method of Authentication.

Based on your identity – not who has the key or a certificate. We call it IBE: Identity Based Encryption

Instant 2 Factor Authentication

Simple, fast and reliable access, from websites to apps, from software to hardware integrations.

Cost Effective

No extra hardware or expensive certificates with management needed, low maintenance costs thanks to AaaS

Scalable, Fast and Efficient​

Easy to implement, with flexible integration in existing networks and industrial systems

Universal Market Coverage

Easy vertical and horizontal integration and expansion of networks, markets and industries.

Rapid Integration

Side by side with your current authentication solutions by just adding a small code snippet.

Brings the "Act" to IT Security

Bring back the feeling of trust and security by eliminating the main targets for hackers like usernames and passwords.

QR-Code integration in your Website via Snippet

Customer friendly login:
The best way for secure 2FA login.
Scan to login. Passwordfree.

App for verifying
2 Factor Auth

How does it work?

Step 01
Connect the Smartphone as the 2FA Device for the login (enrollment)

To use the smartphone as a „login“ 2FA device, it needs to be connected to the account.
This „Enrollment“ connects the smartphone with the account via scanning a special provided QR-Code by Almefy.

Two-factor authentication works by using two unrelated authentication methods to secure an account.
The second authentication method usually needs to be verified with something in your personal possession — such as the smartphone —
in addition to your normal username and password.

Something you have:

Your Smartphone

Something you are:

Your Biometrics

And one more - the 3FA:
Something you know:

If you want - our App Pin

Step 02
Just scan to login

Test drive – download our App and test these 2 steps by yourself…
It is quite simple….


User administration

Do you run a store or a website and want to offer Almefy 2FA secure login to your customers?

We support a simple integration via PHP-SDK or various plugins for the most common systems. Of course we also offer customized solutions.